Teach them to be Kind

416029_10151314384517002_516578160_oI was once a parent who thought that memorizing alphabet and counting numbers make my children “smart”. I aim for my children to grow respectful, polite, sympathetic, kind, joyful, resilient, and others. As a parent and educator, I insist that we work together to place an emphasis on teaching values to our children that will last a lifetime.

Teach children to be kind

and not to count from one to ten.

Teach them to help a friend in need

and not to recite ABC’s

Teach children to be compassionate

to every race, gender, and walks of life

and not the name of the colors of the rainbow

which in fact fade away.

Teach children manners and values

and not what shape or size something is.

Teach them to treat everybody fairly,

show respect to anybody.

How do you teach a child all of these?

By being an example,

By being present in their lives,

and by being an accountable adult.



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