I Am Grateful For

While I was browsing my Facebook Feed, I saw a post about a gratitude jar. Children and their parents write on a piece of paper what they are grateful for every day, and there was a version of happiness jar. Either way, both ideas were fantastic!

One evening whilst having dinner with my family, I told my children, “I am grateful for this lovely dinner prepared by Papa, and we get to enjoy it all together.” I looked at my children and asked them what are they grateful for. They paused for a while, and then begin muttering. We all acknowledged what everybody said.

From then on, it became our family ritual after saying grace. There are times my children are grateful for little things such as completing their task on time, one of their friends said something nice, their teachers acknowledged their contribution, and to big accomplishments. While my husband and I share our challenges we have overcome at work, connections with friends and families.

We value being grateful for everything we have, and we celebrate our triumphs regardless of its magnitude. In this simple way, we learn to humble ourselves.

How about you, what are you grateful for this day?


always grateful for the time I spend with my parents (who lives in the other side of the world!)



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