What is a Montessori Parent-Child Program?

I have worked with children for a long time, mostly the under 3. Toddlers and Infants give so much joy, pure love, and a lot of entertainment! They would be showing great focus at a very young age. These children are happy to help the Educators in the classroom no matter what it is, sweeping the floor, baking, washing the windows, trying to wash the dishes without breaking them and so on. I have seen their faces with so much concentration and contentment by doing a very simple activity.

Aside from working with children, I also enjoy working with Parents. I like guiding them especially when they are keen to know more. Questions often come up as.

“How can I help my child at home with their independence?”

“Help, my toddler doesn’t eat vegetables!”

“I don’t know how to deal with tantrums.”

These are common challenges for parents with toddlers face on a day to day basis! Probably I have seen every type of tantrum there is. I usually implement strategies with parents on how to best tackle the situation. It should be straightforward, practical and of course doable! Each family is different, some strategies might work for a particular family and some might not be successful.

Working with children and collaborating with parents gives me a sense of fulfillment. I also truly believe that Parents are best Teachers which prompted me to establish a Montessori Parent-Child Program. In a span of an hour or so, parents are able to observe the activities their children are interested with and how they learn. Children have the chance to work on a particular activity over and over again, it may seem boring for parents but children need that repetition. The repetition of activities allows children to build longer attention span and their skill. In this carefully planned environment, children can unhurriedly spend a long time in one activity.

On the other hand, parents are able to understand the scientific pedagogy of Montessori. This will enable parents to understand their child better and will offer them a truly eye-opening perspective of child development.




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