Oh Parenting (A Reflection)

parenting isn't a pratice1 (1)

Parenting is one of the most complicated word ever. Everybody wants to be good at it and to do things right for the sake of our children. Such a challenging “task”. I overheard from a conversation that having children is the most expensive investment you will ever make without a monetary return and I looked at my husband and I couldn’t agree more.

I was so young when I had my first baby, so naive. I didn’t know what was I doing, my husband and I were clueless. I’ve read so many books and articles but they were all theoretical, and applying it in real life was so tricky! I was a mess, cranky and impatient. (uh no sleep!).

Took me and my husband years to grasp what parenting is, well, maybe just 10% of it. Every day it’s a trial and error from dealing with unacceptable behavior to annoying sibling squabbles. Oh yes, I don’t know which one I like best; whether when they were little that I can take them anywhere and distract them easily to this present moment where we can do things together but with so much persuasion involved.

Parenting is nothing like no other, as it’s ever-changingĀ and evolving. Parenting grows within us, and it encompasses with our children. Parenting can be rewarding, but we all have different beliefs and views with regards to it. For me, parenting is a big role to fill and I have a lifetime to learn from it.


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