When Mum Said No But Dad Said Yes.

Your daughter asks your permission if she can have a sleepover at her best friends house on a school night. You explain that it’s a school night and she can reschedule it on a Friday instead. Then she storms off and looks for her Dad. Too oblivious to why sleepovers on a school night is a no-no, of course, your partner says in astounding Yes. You scream at how unbelievable he is, and he yells back for you being so unrealistic. Then it is a war zone.

 Yes, conflicting parenting ideas are so hard to manage. Two different views on parenting can be harmful to your partnership and be confusing to your child. Well, this is quite common for any partnership and it’s essential for the partners to be able to sit down, have a serious talk, and lay the ground rules at the very beginning rather than later.


Children need to have clear yet respectful boundaries. This will help them feel safe and secure. And for us parents, we need to be firm and consistent.

Here are some topics you might want to discuss with your partner.

 House Rules

Dinner Time

 Screen Time


When you have come up with an agreement, sit down with your children and discuss it and ask for their input as well. Keep it to a minimum, so its easier to implement, to follow up, and be consistent.

Write those rules down then place it somewhere visible for everybody ( how about the fridge?) so that you have something to refer back to.

What are your top 3 family rules (agreement)? Share them in the comment section!


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