A Morning Well Spent

What is a typical morning in a Montessori Infant or Toddler Class? Are you ready?

It starts with a warm morning greeting and I make sure I make eye contact with children. A child usually darts off to the room and looks at what activities they would like to do. Some may take awhile to decide, while others know exactly what they want to engage with.

A child may be engaged with a puzzle for few minutes and then get distracted with a blue jug on the shelf. The child may realize that he/she had a watering plant lesson last week.  He/she gets the jug and starts watering all the plants in the classroom.

There will be a child cutting fruits for morning tea, and another one helping with baking. After helping with food preparation, the same child who helped with cutting fruits will set the table for all of his/her friends.

When everything is ready, we all gather for morning tea. They wash hands and we all sit together in the dining area. They are able to pour water on their own glass (appropriate size for their hands). They can serve themselves using tongs and just enjoy the company of everybody.

When they’re finished eating, they pack away their own plate, glass, and place mat. Then they are ready to continue “work” in the classroom. Children can choose a gluing activity, painting, bead stringing, language lessons, washing windows, reading books and a lot more. Aside from activities, children learn to socialize, learn about grace and courtesy, and learn how to take turns.

To end the session,  we come together on the mat to sing children’s favorite songs. We typically sing the same songs every week because repetition helps children remember the song lyrics. (Imagine how many times I’ve sung wheels on the bus in my lifetime?).

It’s a 90 minute session full of fun and learning. Now, wouldn’t you want to join a class like this? Check your local area and search for a Montessori Playgroup or Montessori Parent/Infant Class.

morning well spent@ little hands at work



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