{old post} NZ School Holidays

I found this old blog, how we spent school holidays back in New Zealand. 

For us, school holidays are for lying in bed until 8am, watching movies after dinner every day, bushwalks and more books. 


Two sunny days in a row. Lucky for us! School holidays have just started and we’re quite a little bit adventurous this time. Yesterday my kids and I planned what we’re going to do today, library to pick up their reserved books and then mini golf. 2014-09-30 14.32.52

After lunch, I prepared snacks for us. We brought avocado salsa and crackers. Then we headed off to the library. I reminded them, “I know it’s a hot day, but I am not buying any ice cream!” After we picked up the books, we headed off to Avalon Park to play mini golf.

As we’re all excited to play, I noticed the mini golf was empty on a sunny day. It was unfortunate that it was closed. We were a bit disappointed, and my kids didn’t want to play on the playground as it was “crowded.”

So we decided to take a walk. As we’re walking, I told them, “why don’t you guys roll on the hill?” What do you think happened next? Yep. Your guess was right.

2014-09-30 14.25.45
I can’t remember how many times they have rolled down the hill.

After a short walk and rolled on the hill (nope, I didn’t do it, mind you I was so tempted!) We walked back to our van, but my kids insisted that they want to read their books. So I asked them to find a great spot for reading.

2014-09-30 14.47.13

Oh, and I wasn’t able to keep my promise. They ended up sharing a snow cone.


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