Trust Your Child’s Ability

When my son turned 3 he was enrolled at Children’s House in Dunedin. His teachers were amazing, wonderful and so patient with him. It was only my 3rd year as a Montessori Teacher, and I was quite inexperienced compared to my son’s teachers.

I work with toddlers, and by age of 2 1/2 if they are not talking in phrases I get concerned and I talk to parents about it so we can discuss. Imagine with my son, after 6 months of being a 3-6 classroom, he wasn’t speaking in sentences, he didn’t recognize sounds, couldn’t distinguish colors etc. and he was not showing interest at all. But he will come home with loads of drawings.

Oh boy,  I was alarmed.  I needed to speak to his teachers as soon as possible.

I spoke to my son’s Directress and told her my concerns. I remember Katia (my son’s teacher) looked at me and smiled, ” He’s fine, he will get there”. She reminded me what he can do instead. She told me, he can independently choose work, he loves to draw, he loves to read (looking at books), he enjoys playing with other children, and he’s respectful.

From then on, I let go. I just continued reading books every night to my son, took him to park and bush walks, and other things that he likes to do. I didn’t focus so much on what he can’t do but instead I looked into the things he loves doing most and spent most of our time doing it.

chase the (1)

Before he even turned 4 he started showing interest, with so many things. He was writing numbers and letters, *pretend reading books, and talked non stop like his sister!

As a parent, that moment reminded me to trust my son’s ability. He will eventually get there but in his own time. We can’t rush him as we don’t know what’s going on with his brain! What he needed from us was an environment where he can grow with confidence and I think we provided that.



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