Why I Don’t Reward My Kids For Doing Chores


{Guest Post} Raising A Whole Foods Child Part II

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is 100% true! Parents rely on one another for advice to get through the many phases of childhood and nutrition is always a central topic. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the importance of setting the foundation of good nutrition early,…… Continue reading {Guest Post} Raising A Whole Foods Child Part II

{Guest Post} Raising A Whole Foods Child (Part I)

Nutrition for infants

Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta

When I first met Shawn, I was a little intimidated. She exuded with great confidence, while I, on the other hand, was a newbie (in a Montessori sense). I told myself it’s going to be an interesting observation. Inside her classroom, she radiated with grace and warmth towards the children and to her Assistant (my…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta

Order: The Need Of The Child

We had school holidays for two weeks and I always take that chance to source materials, prepare activities and rearrange the furniture. Today was the first session after two weeks of holidays, and my toddlers reminded me how order is so important to them. I innocently moved the water dispenser to the corner, and one…… Continue reading Order: The Need Of The Child

The Trained Eye

As a Montessori Teacher, I often reflect on my practice. It is tantamount to do so unless you want to get stuck in a rut (well I don’t!). Sometimes I can be hard on myself because I know my role is essential to every child I meet. I also reflect on my relationship with my…… Continue reading The Trained Eye

Eating Out With Your Children

Our family enjoys eating out and trying different cuisines; it’s one of our favorite things to do. When my kids learned how to read, they were very excited every time we ate out and will ask for a menu for themselves. To be able to read the menu’s options for themselves gave them a triumphant…… Continue reading Eating Out With Your Children

Montessori Way : Toys That Matter

I came across an article written by Joshua Becker (becoming minimalist) on why fewer toys will benefit children. He has 12 great points and I chose my top 3 and share my perspective using Montessori Approach. A Montessori environment for babies and toddlers has selected materials neatly organized on the shelves. Just the right activities…… Continue reading Montessori Way : Toys That Matter

Montessori Approach in Setting Limits

Setting limits with your toddler is very tricky, but essential. They are still learning their environment, and our role as parents is to guide with respect and support our children. As a Montessori Teacher and fascinated with neuroscience, the book I often recommend is The Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel. It helped me understand…… Continue reading Montessori Approach in Setting Limits

When Mum Said No But Dad Said Yes.

Your daughter asks your permission if she can have a sleepover at her best friends house on a school night. You explain that it’s a school night and she can reschedule it on a Friday instead. Then she storms off and looks for her Dad. Too oblivious to why sleepovers on a school night is a…… Continue reading When Mum Said No But Dad Said Yes.