3 Tips To A Stress Free Meal Time!

One of the most complaints I have heard from parents is stressful meal times. Nobody is enjoying it, more whining and less eating. Is it really possible to have a stress free mealtime with your children? Yes! But, it takes consistency, patience (uh huh) and cooperation. If you think that is possible in your household…… Continue reading 3 Tips To A Stress Free Meal Time!

Our Families 3 FB’s

I hope I have gotten your attention with my headline! Our own take on FB ( not Facebook!). When my children were younger, my husband and I are always on the lookout for something to do but it has to be in these 3 categories which are FUN, FAB and FREE!!! Well, the Free part is…… Continue reading Our Families 3 FB’s

Art & Montessori

Have you wondered why a Montessori classroom has no painting or artwork made by children plastered on the wall? Instead, you will find carefully chosen beautiful pictures or work of art and it’s on the child’s level. Honestly, I get overwhelmed with too many things hanging on the wall, I like simplicity and minimalism. Not…… Continue reading Art & Montessori

Book & Toy Appeal

Some of you know that I am also a Rodan and Field Consultant (recently launched here in Australia), and when I received their newsletter about the Book & Toy Appeal (with The Smith Family) I knew I had to do something. For my family, we invest our money and time with books. Since I was…… Continue reading Book & Toy Appeal

Let’s Do It Together – Putting Shoes On

“Can you please put your shoes on we’re leaving right now. ” “Yes you can do it, you’ve done it before!” ” I can’t help you, I know you can do it. ” Yes, how many times have you found yourself saying those words to your toddler in a day? Oh, I can see you…… Continue reading Let’s Do It Together – Putting Shoes On

Independent Play

I worked with a family who was constantly entertaining their only child. Oh, I can hear you commenting already “Is that wrong?” Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you might be inviting chaos at your home especially when your child gets older. Here’s a scenario, as soon as the child wakes up the parents…… Continue reading Independent Play

What is a Montessori Parent-Child Program?

I have worked with children for a long time, mostly the under 3. Toddlers and Infants give so much joy, pure love, and a lot of entertainment! They would be showing great focus at a very young age. These children are happy to help the Educators in the classroom no matter what it is, sweeping…… Continue reading What is a Montessori Parent-Child Program?