Why I Don’t Reward My Kids For Doing Chores


Little Hands at Work Turns One!!!

Exactly one year ago when I decided to set up my own Montessori Parenting Program. I have been toying with the idea for years but didn’t know how to pursue it. Just one day when I was talking to parents “I want to put my own centre”. They told me  “Why don’t you? We will…… Continue reading Little Hands at Work Turns One!!!

Trust Your Child’s Ability

When my son turned 3 he was enrolled at Children’s House in Dunedin. His teachers were amazing, wonderful and so patient with him. It was only my 3rd year as a Montessori Teacher, and I was quite inexperienced compared to my son’s teachers. I work with toddlers, and by age of 2 1/2 if they…… Continue reading Trust Your Child’s Ability

{old post} NZ School Holidays

I found this old blog, how we spent school holidays back in New Zealand.  For us, school holidays are for lying in bed until 8am, watching movies after dinner every day, bushwalks and more books.  —————— Two sunny days in a row. Lucky for us! School holidays have just started and we’re quite a little…… Continue reading {old post} NZ School Holidays

Eating Out With Your Children

Our family enjoys eating out and trying different cuisines; it’s one of our favorite things to do. When my kids learned how to read, they were very excited every time we ate out and will ask for a menu for themselves. To be able to read the menu’s options for themselves gave them a triumphant…… Continue reading Eating Out With Your Children

Fleeting Moment

  “Can I have a sleepover at *Tara’s place tonight?” asked my 13 year old daughter. “Ma, did you ask Mali if *John can come this Saturday for a play?” asked my 11 year old son. “Are we doing anything this weekend? If not, can I invite my friends over?” Frequently asked by my children.…… Continue reading Fleeting Moment

Our Families 3 FB’s

I hope I have gotten your attention with my headline! Our own take on FB ( not Facebook!). When my children were younger, my husband and I are always on the lookout for something to do but it has to be in these 3 categories which are FUN, FAB and FREE!!! Well, the Free part is…… Continue reading Our Families 3 FB’s

Oh Parenting (A Reflection)

Parenting is one of the most complicated word ever. Everybody wants to be good at it and to do things right for the sake of our children. Such a challenging “task”. I overheard from a conversation that having children is the most expensive investment you will ever make without a monetary return and I looked…… Continue reading Oh Parenting (A Reflection)

What Am I getting for Christmas?

  I enjoy celebrating holidays with families and friends such as Christmas. Christmas is such a big occasion in the Philippines especially following a Spanish (Catholic) influenced tradition. It is also big with gifts, most especially with "ninong & ninang" the Godmothers. I remember my Mom would buy so many gifts and would spend weeks wrapping… Continue reading What Am I getting for Christmas?

Raising Children Who Reads In The World Of Ipads.

Everywhere I go, I always get comments when they see my children clutching a handful of books “Oh wow, your children love books!” I respond with a smile and with a sense of pride. Well, like with other parenting skills it takes time, practice and consistency to get the results you want! I remember when…… Continue reading Raising Children Who Reads In The World Of Ipads.