What is a Montessori Parent-Child Program?

I have worked with children for a long time, mostly the under 3. Toddlers and Infants give so much joy, pure love, and a lot of entertainment! They would be showing great focus at a very young age. These children are happy to help the Educators in the classroom no matter what it is, sweeping…… Continue reading What is a Montessori Parent-Child Program?

Raising Children Who Reads In The World Of Ipads.

Everywhere I go, I always get comments when they see my children clutching a handful of books “Oh wow, your children love books!” I respond with a smile and with a sense of pride. Well, like with other parenting skills it takes time, practice and consistency to get the results you want! I remember when…… Continue reading Raising Children Who Reads In The World Of Ipads.

I Am Grateful For

While I was browsing my Facebook Feed, I saw a post about a gratitude jar. Children and their parents write on a piece of paper what they are grateful for every day, and there was a version of happiness jar. Either way, both ideas were fantastic! One evening whilst having dinner with my family, I…… Continue reading I Am Grateful For

Overview of Montessori

I was so thrilled to be able to share my Montessori knowledge and experience for the first time here in Sydney last night to Educators and Parents. I am passionate about discussing Montessori education and why it will revolutionize the education system. Its been around a century, and the society is finally understanding the benefits of it. AMI…… Continue reading Overview of Montessori

Rees Family

Montessori is not only confined to classroom walls; it works beautifully too when it’s adapted at home. I had a privilege to work with Tori and her son Lenny. When they came to the Independent Class, after the session Tori listed all the things she wanted to buy such as furniture and materials. She gave…… Continue reading Rees Family