Montessori Community Series – Philippa Alford

When my family and I moved to Sydney to work at Headlands Montessori in Manly, Philippa was the Centre Director. You know, experienced Montessori Teachers usually intimidates me, but not with Philippa. We became really good friends, and I told her right from the beginning that I respect her greatly. We can talk about Montessori…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Philippa Alford

Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta

When I first met Shawn, I was a little intimidated. She exuded with great confidence, while I, on the other hand, was a newbie (in a Montessori sense). I told myself it’s going to be an interesting observation. Inside her classroom, she radiated with grace and warmth towards the children and to her Assistant (my…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta