Montessori Community Series – Philippa Alford

When my family and I moved to Sydney to work at Headlands Montessori in Manly, Philippa was the Centre Director. You know, experienced Montessori Teachers usually intimidates me, but not with Philippa. We became really good friends, and I told her right from the beginning that I respect her greatly. We can talk about Montessori…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Philippa Alford

Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta

When I first met Shawn, I was a little intimidated. She exuded with great confidence, while I, on the other hand, was a newbie (in a Montessori sense). I told myself it’s going to be an interesting observation. Inside her classroom, she radiated with grace and warmth towards the children and to her Assistant (my…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Shawn Viverretta

Little Hands at Work Turns One!!!

Exactly one year ago when I decided to set up my own Montessori Parenting Program. I have been toying with the idea for years but didn’t know how to pursue it. Just one day when I was talking to parents “I want to put my own centre”. They told me  “Why don’t you? We will…… Continue reading Little Hands at Work Turns One!!!

Montessori Community Series – Shawnee Bernabe (My Mom!)

I am starting a Montessori Community Series, a blog post about the people whom I have worked with, admired, and have a big influence on my Montessori journey.  It’s a no-brainer to start with someone close to me and who influenced me greatly other than my Mom, Shawnee Bernabe.   My Mom is a big…… Continue reading Montessori Community Series – Shawnee Bernabe (My Mom!)

Order: The Need Of The Child

We had school holidays for two weeks and I always take that chance to source materials, prepare activities and rearrange the furniture. Today was the first session after two weeks of holidays, and my toddlers reminded me how order is so important to them. I innocently moved the water dispenser to the corner, and one…… Continue reading Order: The Need Of The Child

Trust Your Child’s Ability

When my son turned 3 he was enrolled at Children’s House in Dunedin. His teachers were amazing, wonderful and so patient with him. It was only my 3rd year as a Montessori Teacher, and I was quite inexperienced compared to my son’s teachers. I work with toddlers, and by age of 2 1/2 if they…… Continue reading Trust Your Child’s Ability

The Trained Eye

As a Montessori Teacher, I often reflect on my practice. It is tantamount to do so unless you want to get stuck in a rut (well I don’t!). Sometimes I can be hard on myself because I know my role is essential to every child I meet. I also reflect on my relationship with my…… Continue reading The Trained Eye