What Am I getting for Christmas?

image by Market Manila


I enjoy celebrating holidays with families and friends such as Christmas. Christmas is such a big occasion in the Philippines especially following a Spanish (Catholic) influenced tradition. It is also big with gifts, most especially with “ninong & ninang” the Godmothers. I remember my Mom would buy so many gifts and would spend weeks wrapping them up. I didn’t continue this tradition with my children, especially with gifts. We made our own tradition, that doesn’t involve gifts or extravagant ways, our tradition that is truly unique for my family.

Christmas time for us never really about new clothes, new toys, or any material things. For us, it’s when we spend time together, skype with my parents who are in Chicago (and now with my siblings too), and greet all relatives and friends overseas and wishing them a great Christmas.

Just received a text message from my daughter right after when I finished writing this entry.


Our tradition? The day before Christmas day, we watch Elf while having chips or popcorn and cream soda. Then if we have time we watch Home Alone and maybe another movie. On Christmas day, I make a nice breakfast and we exchange cards/messages for each other. That’s all. Nothing fancy. No stress, no drama, no fuss why they are not getting any Christmas gifts… its the joy being together and remembering people who matter to us.

What do you want your children to remember during this festive season? Certainly, not something can be bought rather something of significance to them and that will be cherished for a lifetime.






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